Virtual Booths can be customized and options can be given to the sponsors from templates that are available with the platform or the Sponsors can create their own designs in the sizes given by us and submit it.

We can expect 3 to 4 members from each sponsor to manage the backend. 2 to 3 at Virtual Booth to interact with attendees and 1 for product presentation or product demo.

The team members will have to manage the Chat/Virtual booth. Attendees can chat with you or do a Video call to interact (WhatsApp). The Booth manager needs to multi task to interact with more number of people at any given time.

Show will be extensively promoted via email marketing, sms, online ads and social media promotion.

Not needed, they can join from a link that is sent to them post the Registration. Also, the Virtual Platform is mobile compatible and the attendees can join from any devices.

You can use chat, videos, interactive brandings, option to download of collaterals to connect and collaborate with them.